• Oman Air keeps busy delivering UN relief to war-torn Yemeni capital
  • 2020-07-16

OMAN Air has revealed it has operated 69 chartered cargo-only flights from April to June, including the highest-ever cargo load the airline has ever carried, reports London's Air Cargo News.

Three of the flights, from Shenzhen to Salalah, delivered medical supplies for the United Nations' effort to help people in Yemen.

Twenty-seven of the flights were operated in coordination with Ministry of Health, using wide-body aircraft, with a total volume of over 386,000 kilogrammes carried.

Another 42 cargo flights contributed to the transportation of over one million kilogrammes of food, commodities and medical equipment to Oman, in coordination with several governmental and private-sector clients.

One flight, an Airbus A330 from Bangalore, India, to Muscat, delivered 49,593 kilogrammes of fruit, vegetables and other perishable food to the Sultanate, which is the heaviest cargo delivery Oman Air has transported in one flight.

The airline delivered cargo from nine cities in India, Pakistan, China, Iran, Malaysia and UAE, for the Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Travel and Tourism, and several commercial customers.

Also, in the course of operating 25 flights to repatriate passengers to and from the Sultanate, Oman Air has brought over 248,000 kilogrammes of food and supplies to Muscat using the planes' cargo capacity..